Truffle Kerfuffle 2013

So I’ve just devoured the last serving of wild mushroom risotto I made last week and topped off with freshly shaved Manjimup truffle… which reminded me that I have all these photos from our hunting expedition! Good times πŸ˜‰


Truffle Kerfuffle is an annual event taking place at Fonty’s Pool in our Southern Forests region, just outside of Manjimup. The event recognises the mighty truffle that is celebrated as a chef’s delicacy the world over, and Manjimup currently produces somewhere near 90% of Australia’s truffles. It was a number easy to believe as we tip toed through the French oak forest, terrified of disturbing any semi mature truffles which were literally popping from the ground around us. We left the gorgeous golden Labrador Lola to sniff out those that were ready to be dug up. The truffle hunt was a great and very informative experience and I would recommend it to anyone with a taste for the expensive little lumps!


Here’s a few shots from the day spent down south with my mum at Manjimup Wine and Truffle Co…





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