Found and Saw

Images from a journey around Nepal and India transferred by hand onto wood from various verges

India captivated me. The sights, scents, colours. The curries! The endless smiles from every person proud of the place they held in the world. I felt myself change as I travelled through Nepal to Rajasthan in a tourist free Winter, taking the wild landscapes, self sufficient villages, poverty, pride and overwhelming pollution in my stride as I quickly forgot about my modern Perth life and succumbed to the untamed charm of the subcontinent… it’s existence somehow simultaneously manic and intensely peaceful.

I began this project in a mad desire to create something lasting from discarded items following my experiences as I wished to showcase some of my images whilst recycling where I could. It quickly escalated into an exhibition as much about the images as about the wood that they’d been transferred to and it’s been an incredibly nerve racking process! The processes involves sourcing the wood during verge collection, printing the images onto laser paper, using a special glue to paste the paper face down onto the wood, wait 24 hours, wet the paper and use fingers to gently rub the fibres off, wait 24 hours, varnish and voila! It’s only at this final varnish stage that I get to see if the images have reacted efficiently with the wood grain and the wood type with the paper fibres. I then decide whether to pursue the framing and finishing touches. Unfortunately early in the process I was recommended an inferior glue product that turned out to be water soluble, and of course I didn’t find this out until after wetting the paper and trying to rub it off – in this case taking the whole image with it… garrrr! So each piece of wood has been sanded back at least once. Then of course some images just didn’t suit the wood grain, or didn’t stick for whatever reason, or I’d find out after the varnish that not enough paper residue had been taken off, so I’d sand it back and start again. Massive project with huge amounts of trial and error! I can’t thank my Dad enough – without whom I couldn’t have physically or emotionally completed this project on time… the hourly cups of tea, shed full of fabulous tools and general woodworking knowledge and assistance made a world of difference 🙂

So, yay! It’s finally finished – and will be hung at Bivouac Canteen and Bar tomorrow for all to view. It’s on for a month or two and I’d love to know what you think!! Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of the process… and I’ll add the final images during the week after photographing them 🙂


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