Till Death or Zombies do they part

What an amazing wedding!

I love a bit of quirk on the big day. Something different and memorable, particularly if it gets the crowd giggling and shows off the personality of the lovers standing at the alter.

Amy and Brad’s sunny August wedding at Bridgeleigh Reception Centre certainly didn’t disappoint. Self proclaimed ‘pants wearer’ of the relationship, Amy’s vows included ‘to promise that if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, you can count on me and my axe to be right there by your side’. Among the more romantic of course! ‘Let us always be best friends, lovers, and let us grow old disgracefully together’. Brad’s words didn’t falter either, ‘When I am right, I vow to make it known, and when I am wrong, to hide it’. Brilliant. Upon the exchanging of the rings ‘as a symbol of ownership’, the fun began as the newlyweds gallivanted through the Gnangara Pine Forest with my spy lens zoomed in. Not creepy at all…


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