Westlund Wedding

Oh my goodness – two months since my last post… I can’t even comprehend how busy I’ve been!

It’s been fairly exciting – I was the volunteer Arts Director for the Beaufort Street Festival which had an unprecedented 120 000 visitors in a single day, and my crazy plans helped a bunch of fresh and fabulous artists get their names out to the masses! I hope you got to see it and took notice of some of the projects up and down the street! Perth is the place to be at the moment 😀 I also took the leap into becoming full time self employed, closing the door on my part time assisting job to focus on my career. Far out! It’s happening! Fortunately I’ve had some unreal shoots since then (pinch me, I’m dreaming) and it all looks to be working out just fine… yay!

I’m just uploading some shots to a client’s personal gallery and whilst waiting thought I’d share some shots from a recent wedding at Caversham House, for Roberta and Matt. Such a dynamic young couple and very fun to photograph! The classic surrounds of Caversham helped to dull the nerves of Matt, by far the most nervous groom I’ve ever met, but it didn’t show as he watched his bride to be walk down the stairs and the smiles didn’t stop afterwards. I love love!! x





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