Mr and Mrs Kelly’s Clarence’s Wedding

I really loved being a part of Graeme and Monique’s wedding day in April! 

I always get a little nervous being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, but I’ve watched this romance evolve over the last 7 (8?) years and couldn’t wait to photograph their day. They chose Clarence’s Bar in Highgate as their venue for both the ceremony and reception; a place that the couple and their friends frequented so it was the perfect choice for the party!
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smiley bride. From the moment I walked in she was glowing with happiness, this turned to tears of excitement and joy as she first saw herself in the mirror all ready to go, and her mood resonated throughout the day. The lovebirds wanted the day to be very much a celebration, and I had to twist their arm to take them away for a 30 minute photoshoot, which they stressed had to be within walking distance! The alleyway behind Clarence’s turned out to be more than perfect in the late afternoon Autumn light and I couldn’t have wished for anything more.
The night ended at the stroke of midnight after many dances and drinks were had, and the bride’s parting words – “I don’t want to finish partying! Why can’t we dance till dawn!!”
Amazing. A happy and fun filled marriage ahead for these two 😀

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