August in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik! I’m in love!!


Though I have a confession to make… those who follow my blog would know that I have a habit of falling in love with the fabulous places I’m able to visit! I am however still picky, and the bar has indeed been raised fairly high. There has to be a certain level of intrigue, culture, architecture, ambience and local appreciation for me to be interested in a place enough to want to revisit it. I definitely want to revisit Dubrovnik. 3 nights and 2 days was an incredibly flying visit!


Staying in the old town is a must. Rows and rows of wildly unpredictable alleyways twist their way up stairs and through physically forgotten war zones (despite the devastating recent war of the 90s), kittens follow you hungrily as you make your way to the apartment doorstep, where you’re sure to be greeted by the owner who is more than happy to take your bags. Such a welcome relief! Despite the city being built entirely of the stone from which it sits on (and almost blends in to) the locals have gone out of their way to add greenery and ambience to their abodes and the marble and stone lane ways are cool and welcoming. The smell of freshly caught and cooked fish wafts through the lane ways beckoning you to tear apart the succulent meat with your fingers. Well, we did, at the invite of those that cooked it for us! Unfortunately our flying visit left us little time to find the best places to eat or drink and I was amazed at the inundation of ‘local’ eateries offering american breakfasts, american coffees, menus in 7 different languages. I craved an eatery where I could trust the chef to decide for me… but this was not the month or the city to find it. Instead we sunk our eyes into the views and the experiences; an evening sunset cruise (hence the fresh Hake) and on the following evening a sunset Kayak tour were equally the best $50 ever spent in such magically different ways. Our breaths were repeatedly taken away.


This is definitely a country I’ll be returning to. We’re off to the islands now for a change of pace and hopefully a chance to spend some time with the locals. I’m a traveller after all, not a tourist 😉


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