Korcula in August

I’m struggling to write this post… so very relaxed right now!! Life is good!

Upon docking in Korcula my friend and I immediately preferred the change in pace. Despite the island being almost completely booked out it was so much more relaxed than the madness of Dubrovnik! We found ourselves slowing down and completely chilling out, there was no madness on this island to get caught up in 🙂

The old town is just as ancient but tiny in comparison to Dubrovnik’s, with multiple centuries old alleyways providing accommodation, food and shopping options for the chilled out tourists. The only sounds were the lapping of gentle waves against the rocky shores, children laughing and cicadas filling the air with their summer sounds. Divine!

We can highly recommend hiring a bicycle to best explore some of the oldest vineyards in the world and the local beachside eateries away from the main hub, where we had fresh caught octopus salad (so tender!) and a massive plate of fried whitebait (on the menu as ‘fish’). As a result of our bicycle adventure I now also have a new found appreciation/obsession with Croatian wine, particularly Korcula’s own varietal called ‘Grk’ – the meaning of which is confused between the Greeks who first planted the vines and a similar latin word meaning ‘bitter’. The drops we tasted lacked the acidity of the Australian whites I’m used to and we found them a little too easy to drink… I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Croatian wines when I return!

Another must do – an evening at ‘agro-tourism’ Konoba Grubinjac, a 5 minute taxi ride up the hill from the old town. We were welcomed into the Skokandic family’s restaurant like old friends and they kindly let me photograph their kitchen as they prepared our meals, picked fresh from the garden or caught daily from the sea. We had their home made wine and feasted on hand rolled macaroni with goat ragu – a local specialty – incredible! You can see those images towards the end of this set.

Prices too were approximately half that of our previous stop, possibly due to it being far more local orientated as well. The island was definitely the family friendly option for those unsure of where best to go in Croatia with their clan. Thanks to all the Croatian expats in Perth for suggesting we visit this little gem!!


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