The Vic & Mig Show

So long since my last post! As always, my life is a little non stop from November through April, and I really look forward to this time of year when I can catch up on blogs and other things for the wonderful people and events I’ve photographed for. Here’s some shots from gorgeous Victoria and Miguel’s wedding which I photographed in Fremantle in late March.

Victoria and Miguel have the most amazing story of romance. Defying the odds of a holiday relationship working they met whilst travelling in Mexico, Victoria from Germany and Miguel from California, and just 3 years later they have lovingly wed in our sweet city of Perth.

There was a little tension at Vic’s house when I arrived, the hair and make up had taken a little longer  than planned (Vic’s bridesmaid expertly did it all herself)… some family members who’d flown in late the night before weren’t answering their phones… there were traffic worries due to roadworks… it was all happening! But it didn’t take me long to work out that, like me, Victoria is a hands on hips girl and gets things done – working it all out to arrive at the ceremony 10 minutes early despite the taxi driver refusing to wait 5 minutes for portraits – which inevitably meant that myself and the mother of the bride became chauffeurs for the day! Ohhhhh Swan Taxis, how I love to loathe you sometimes.

Shortly after arrival though and seeing the massive smile on her groom Miguel’s face Vic couldn’t wipe hers off, and the day continued with the most fabulously fun and relaxed vibe. Fremantle Roundhouse, though windy, was a joy to shoot at and Vic’s gorgeous humanitarian mum organised the Starlight Hotel Choir to sing as a surprise. We continued to the Fremantle Woolstores  and Notre Dame (where Victoria studied) for a chilled out photoshoot (no posing was specifically requested), where a recurring theme of Mig being trapped became a thing haha! I’m sure that won’t be the case in reality…

The newlyweds had me stay on until midnight where we had a little too much fun at Moore and Moore Cafe. I’ve never seen so many wedding guests fly in for the event from a faraway place to celebrate and get on the dance floor, and so many sore cheeks from smiling. Brilliant. I wish these two lovebirds nothing but happiness in their futures wherever in the world they end up! x


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