Truffle Kerfuffle 2015

Back to the city today but feeling super refreshed and passionate about our incredible Southern Forests region! Only four hours from Perth the region hosts an incredibly diverse supply of produce all planted and harvested in their correct seasons, the way nature intended, and the difference in quality is phenomenal. I was lucky to attend the Truffle Kerfuffle in Manjimup this year as a guest of ‘everything agency’ Offshoot Creative. The event was created by local farmers only a few years back not only to celebrate the mighty truffle and it’s short season but also the range of other produce and suppliers available locally, some of which we got to taste at the decadent Food Bowl Lunch along with matched accompanying wines (Timeless Hill’s petit verdot! Amazing!). The event is held in the stunning historic surrounds of Fonty’s Pool which isn’t far from Manjimup, a regional supertown where there’s plenty of accommodations options should you wish not to camp. But camp we did! The event wound up at 4pm and we wandered back to our campfire armed with bags full of truffley goodies from Due South Albany and Harvey Cheese – truffle potted beef, truffled cacciatore, truffled bratwurst with truffled sour cream along with blue cheese and honey roasted quince (which we brought cooked from home)… GLAMP-ing to the max! It was also great to meet the passionate and friendly team from Genuinely Southern Forrests who are busily promoting the region as a first buy priority for us city folk, and I look forward to keeping an eye out for their seal of approval on future shopping trips as amongst a million other reasons their produce hits our shelves within 24 hours of harvest… Delicious!


Anyway, I’m not a blogger, I’m a photographer! Here’s some happy snaps from our 24 hours on site. We were accompanied by passionate foodies and bloggers Laura Mosely, Ai Ling Truong of Blue Apocolypse and Kristy Kinzett of Queen of Bad Timing who will be uploading their detailed accounts shortly!


Great romantic weekend away… can’t wait to do it again 😀



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