Juliette and Morgan’s Perth Wedding

I had been looking forward to this wedding since booked for the day 10 months prior – I love a celebration that is local to a couple! They have grown closer together through 7 years of living and working in Perth and wanted to make the most of all that our wonderful CBD has to offer… whilst conveniently omitting the need for transport 😉 This meant preparing at the stunning new hotel Como the Treasury, a late afternoon ceremony at the Stirling Gardens (also the location of Morgan’s favourite sculpture – the anatomically correct Kangaroos), a quick shoot in the newly unveiled Cathedral Square then Nonna’s Meatballs and dancing the night away at Lalla Rookh. Seriously, their food is amazing… and the location provided the perfect vibe for a fun reception.

I was instantly struck by the classic beauty of Juliette’s hair, make up, and the dress! So many sparkles; and so, so stunning. And Morgan couldn’t keep the smile off his face, all day. Amazing. These too have a lot of fun and many happy years ahead of them 😀



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