James and Renae

Sitting there editing this wedding I thought, how am I going to narrow these images down?! SO many wonderful smiles!! I was only there for a few hours of the day as they wanted (and achieved) a super low key, almost casual wedding, but it was none-the-less stunning and I was so happy to be a part of it. And I’ll be handing over as many photos as I normally do for an 8 hour booking… whoops!

A warm 36 degree spring day had us all hiding for shade at our 3pm pre ceremony shoot down near Blackwall Reach, momentarily saved by the one shared Sunbella and also the icecream van, heaven! It had cooled down to perfect by the time they married under an old tree planted in their grandfather’s home which provided the perfect backdrop for their backyard shindig.

Loved every minute, thank you for having me! Here’s a few (!) highlights from their day. Contact the newlyweds if you’d like the password to view the gallery with all the social snaps and family portraits included too 🙂



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